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With 25 years' experience creating well-designed glassware and ceramics, LSA International defines what is desirable in contemporary style. All these vases are beautiful and a delight to use.


LSA Vases

Image Item Price Available
LSA Flower Grand Stem Vase 41cm
3 In Stock
LSA Flower Jug Vase 26cm
3 In Stock
LSA Flower Mixed Bouquet Vase 29cm
4 In Stock
LSA Flower Posy Vase 17.5cm
2 In Stock
LSA Flower Rectangular Bunch Vase 22cm
Out of stock
LSA Flower Table Bouquet Vase 17cm
2 In Stock
LSA Odette Vase 34cm (Discontinued)
1 In Stock
LSA Ono Vase 30cm
2 In Stock
LSA Orietta Vase 25cm (Discontinued)
1 In Stock
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